Winter 2019 Grow Groups


Everyone Grow: The Wisdom and the Folly, 1 Kings

How could God ever use a sinner like me?  First and Second Kings show us how, despite the persistent sins of Israel’s leaders, Israel’s God remained faithfully present―leading, guiding, redeeming at every turn. If you’re wondering how God can use you in your life, dive into 1 & 2 Kings and see how he used even the worst of sinners. Join us this Sunday.

Location: Friends Church Fellowship Hall
Time: 11:35am
Facilitator: Pastor Bruce
Bring your Bible


Everyone Grow: Gospel of Matthew

We’ll be taking a close, long look at the Gospel of Matthew, the bridge between the Old and New Testaments. Matthew is the Gospel of the King and his Kingdom! This is the reality we must accustom ourselves too as Christians by faith. Join us for some deep reading, great discussions and challenging application of God’s word into our daily life. Bring your Bible.

Mondays at noon in the Dining Room
Wednesdays at 7pm in Dining Room
Facilitator: Pastor Judy
Bring your Bible