Everyone Grow: Looking On the Heart

A study of I Samuel, things look bleak for Israel: Military attacks threaten from the outside while moral corruption destroys from within. But God will use three men to guide the nation through these difficult times into the next stage of his perfect plan. Samuel, the prophet; Saul, the first king; and David, a man after God’s own heart, are great examples of what we should and shouldn’t do as Christians today.

Location: Friends Church Fellowship Hall
Time: 11:35am
Facilitator: Pastor Bruce
Bring your Bible


Everyone Grow: Acts of the Holy Spirit

Explore the work of the Holy Spirit as he moved the first believers, growing the earliest churches. We’ll look for ways the Spirit is calling us forward today to share the gospel and see God’s creative, redemptive work in our midst.

Location: Friends Church Dining Room
Time: noon
Facilitator: Pastor Judy
Bring your Bible

Women Grow:

Utilizing the book Choosing Real by Bekah Pogue, this group explores the Christian’s opportunity when life doesnt go as planned. Meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month

For location call the church office at 626-963-9423
Facilitator: Bethany T


Everyone Grow: Alpha

Alpha is a chance to explore and question the meaning of life Over a series of 11 weeks you will find out about the basics of the Christian faith. Each session involves a meal, a main talk and some time to say what you think. It is fun, relaxed and free. Over 22.5 million people worldwide have done Alpha.

Location: Friends Church Fireside Room
Time: 6:30pm
Coordinator: Steve Osborn

Everyone Grow: Financial Peace University

In this dynamic 9-week course you will learn the steps it takes to live a different way of life – a life without debt, without financial stress, and without fights about money. This is not a quick-fix. Winning with money is only 20% head knowledge; the remaining 80% is about changing your behavior. Join us and you will discover how to have Financial Peace.

Location: Friends Church Sanctuary
Register by clicking here.
Time: 7pm
Facilitators: Dennis T & Jim O


Beginning July 12 – Aug 30

Everyone Grow: Organic Outreach for Ordinary People

Organic Outreach for Ordinary People will help you shape a personal approach to passing on the good news of Jesus in natural ways. This is NOT a system or program. It is a collection of practices you can incorporate into your life starting today. On the golf course… over coffee… taking a walk… anywhere and everywhere. Tell the life-changing story of Jesus. Discover ordinary ways to communicate God’s love and message of salvation – naturally.

Wednesdays, 7pm, Friends Church Fireside Room
Facilitated by Pastors Bruce & Judy
Recommended book: Organic Outreach for Ordinary People by Kevin Harney